Rita~ (emseelenheil) wrote in yoshinkai,

☆ Muse name: Rita
☆ Current Band: E'm ~Grief~
☆ Muse journal: THIS one 8D
☆ Muse AIM: raveandou
☆ Mun name: RAVE (lol I is back...caus Yoshin was my first home I can't bring myself to run away >_>)
☆ Mun jounral: you should all know it by now lol
☆ Muse Occupation: Drama teacher
☆ Sample post: Rita looked at his drab little office, he flicked some dust off the nearby cabinet, pulling a face as a few rose petals fell off it. "Lovely...." He commented in his monotonous voice. He soon set to tiding it to an acceptable state and set up his work belongings, putting a picture of his former act troupe up on his desk giving a soft smile. "I will show the students here what it is to act~"

He soon check out his class room, staring blankly around making sure to take it all in, before checking out the auditorium. He wanted to make sure everything was perfect if he was going to make the University acts renowned.....


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