Genki (blackxwhitex) wrote in yoshinkai,

Claim// Giru

☆ Muse name: Giru
☆ Current Band: Vidoll
☆ Muse journal: blackxwhite
☆ Muse AIM: xvulgarxlovex
☆ Mun name: Ren
☆ Mun journal: N/a
☆ Muse Occupation: Working in Tero's bar.
☆ Muse Major: Art
☆ Sample post: Work, that's all Giru seemed to be doing lately, working that is. Either out on the street doing silly five dollar portrait paintings, or inside somewhere doing something else. Now that he was enrolling in uni, thankfully with the help of a friend, he wouldn't have to work as much to make a living. Though he didn't have year's of experience in a bar like said friend, he had worked in one for quite awhile with Tero a few years back. He hoped he would be of good use towards Tero. He still remembered everything from back then and his classes after all.
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