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☆ Muse name: Rita
☆ Current Band: E'm ~Grief~
☆ Muse journal: THIS one 8D
☆ Muse AIM: raveandou
☆ Mun name: RAVE (lol I is back...caus Yoshin was my first home I can't bring myself to run away >_>)
☆ Mun jounral: you should all know it by now lol
☆ Muse Occupation: Drama teacher
☆ Sample post: Rita looked at his drab little office, he flicked some dust off the nearby cabinet, pulling a face as a few rose petals fell off it. "Lovely...." He commented in his monotonous voice. He soon set to tiding it to an acceptable state and set up his work belongings, putting a picture of his former act troupe up on his desk giving a soft smile. "I will show the students here what it is to act~"

He soon check out his class room, staring blankly around making sure to take it all in, before checking out the auditorium. He wanted to make sure everything was perfect if he was going to make the University acts renowned.....

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☆ Muse name: Kairi
☆ Current Band: Siva
☆ Muse journal: kaidurga 
☆ Muse AIM: raveandou
☆ Mun name: LE RAVE!
☆ Mun jounral: rave_andou 
☆ Muse Occupation: Teacher of childcare/related studies + Side job....
☆ Sample post: </lj></lj>
Kairi left the club after a long nights work getting out a cigarette, lighting it before taking a long drag looking into the night sky with a sigh. He finished earlier than he hoped today. He flipped out his cell pressing onto the speed dial. "Ne.....Hiro-chan.....It's daddy~~" He said with a cute smile "I'm going to pick you up early today~" He laughed before hanging up. He was very proud of his accidental son. He had an odd relationship with a work college and she ended up pregnant with his child, she died not long after Hiroki's death and now Kairi was doing everything he could to make sure his little boy grew up happily.

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Who: Saga
Plot: Saga gets into a accident, and ends up in the hospital. (Yes, he doesn't die. : D)
When: Last night

It was a cold night. Saga knew from the fact that he had been sitting on the balcony of his temporary living space, a hotel room, not all too pricy, but well hidden, a bit out of the city. He had felt compelled to leave the city, not being able to stand his dorm room, from the way everything reminded him about Reita, every other clothing article, every picture he had taken in the precense of the other, and the way his sheets still smelled like the other.

He had felt like he was slowly going insane, drowning himself in anything that numbed his emotions. Finally he had had enough, and he had driven to the first good hotel he saw as he drove out of the city. Though changing his environment, didn't make him feel that much better. He spent the nights the same way, drinking as much scotch as he could. 

Though tonight, he had spent it a bit more diffrently, he had spent half of the night, writing a letter. A letter to Reita, but no words seemed to fit, no words seemed to be enough to tell the other how he felt. And the tears couldn't be stopped as he read it over one last time, blurring his vision for a second. He heard that echo of Reita's voice once again, as he closed his eyes, and pressed his lips against his scotch filled glass.

He slowly moved to stand up after fingers had neatly put the letter into a envelope. He pulled on any garment that he had removed, which wasn't alot, just his shoes and jacket, he really didn't have the energy to do anything now it seemed.
The night air was crisp,and really cold, his breath showing well as he sighed softly, walking to his car. He sat down in his car, befor putting all his things in the trunk. For a moment he just sat behind the wheel, slowly smoking, ´staring out the window.

After a few minutes, he was finally starting the car, cigarette between his lips. He didn't care for the radio, so he put some music on instead, not really caring what was on.  The steets were slightly icy, and there was even a bit of snow at places, Saga not caring at all, as he sped through the streets.

Saga was suprised that there wasn't that much traffic, but shrugged it off as he drove, still way over the speed limit.
Until he saw lights, due to the alcohol they were slightly blurred. It was only a matter of a few seconds, as his heart started beating faster.  There had been some kind of accident ahead, and he was forced to turn around.

In a matter of seconds, in such high speed, Saga tried to turn the car around. But the ice, speed, and the short time he had, had him driving to the side. Until the car drove off of the bridge.
There was a few seconds of fear in Saga, until he finally got what he wanted, black, peaceful, oblivion as he went unconcious. And his car started to sink.



Just to say All my muses are going on an indefinate hiatus.  (Bar Ryouhei)

I don't really play half of them anymore, when they post again on their journals, they will be active again but until then.



   Who: Kisaki and Mirai
   When: A few days ago.
   Setting: Their house
   Plot thingy: Kisaki accidently kills Mirai's dad.... and then Mirai leaves Kisaki D:
   Warnings: Some bad laungage? >_> and, a very, very CREEPY KISAKI.



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I think I might have to take a small hiatus.  Might, meaning that I'm not sure yet, but right now, I really feel like I need one. But,
I'll keep you updated.

Have an great holiday.

xx, Mina.

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☆ Muse name: Aki
☆ Current Band: SID
☆ Muse journal: velvetrealm 
☆ Muse AIM: concretedisco
☆ Mun name: Mina 8D
☆ Mun jounral: I don't have a frikki'n jouNRAL 8D
☆ Muse Occupation: Hairstylist, part
time hairmodel.
☆ Muse Major: Fashion Design + Cosmetology.

D< claaaaim bitches

☆ Muse name: Sakito
☆ Current Band: Nightmare
☆ Muse journal: x_satinchic_x
☆ Muse AIM: kimono queen
☆ Mun name: Alice
☆ Muse Occupation: Professional model
☆ Muse Major: Fashion Design

I accept myself! Horrah! :D