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New claim

☆ Muse name: Kairi
☆ Current Band: Siva
☆ Muse journal: kaidurga 
☆ Muse AIM: raveandou
☆ Mun name: LE RAVE!
☆ Mun jounral: rave_andou 
☆ Muse Occupation: Teacher of childcare/related studies + Side job....
☆ Sample post: </lj></lj>
Kairi left the club after a long nights work getting out a cigarette, lighting it before taking a long drag looking into the night sky with a sigh. He finished earlier than he hoped today. He flipped out his cell pressing onto the speed dial. "Ne.....Hiro-chan.....It's daddy~~" He said with a cute smile "I'm going to pick you up early today~" He laughed before hanging up. He was very proud of his accidental son. He had an odd relationship with a work college and she ended up pregnant with his child, she died not long after Hiroki's death and now Kairi was doing everything he could to make sure his little boy grew up happily.
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