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DROPPING TSUJI~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >.>; you can keep her friended so all can still talk to her she just wont update much anymore.
BTW All my muses changed their S/n to :: aPr1l k1sS

☆ Muse name:: Hachi
☆ Current Band:: DOLLY
☆ Muse journal:: xinject_candyx
☆ Muse AIM:: Hachi no Juliet
☆ Mun name:: >.> Rei...it never really changed....
☆ Mun jounral: N/A
☆ Muse Occupation: Manager of a music store.
☆ Muse Major: Music and Arts
☆ Sample post: 'Here we go again, another trip to another school...just genius...' A small sigh escaped his thin lips as he walked to the school. All that he had with him was a folder of all his achievements as well as records of his life. He knew this would take a while to get used to the distance from his family as well as the store he managed. Sometimes he wondered how he could manage two great things at once and still have personal time for himself. Maybe changing schools again would do good for him, maybe something like a fresh start to a great life he already had. He stopped at the doors and looked back on the path he had just walked. "Let's hope this is a change for the better..." He sighed and walked into the school to find the guidance office. [Sorry it's crap I'm really not in the creative mood today guys X.x;;; >.> and yes I'm bringing him back as a straight man.... >.>;]
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